Resurgence is the Multidisciplinary Research Project. As researchers from diverse disciplines, we have observed that far too many research articles are written for the relatively few members of the academic community and thereby accessible only to the privileged. We focus on research that is not only accessible but relevant to historically marginalized as well as other “hidden” communities. Moreover, we seek to research with people and groups instead of simply researching about them. The researchers acknowledge that their work may not be embraced by some traditional, academic establishments. Instead, they commit to a resurgence of intellectual, social, and communal activism to address historic issues along with current concerns and trends grounded in critical engagement that is most supportive of those voices often unheard.

Resurgencemrp.org is the website dedicated to disseminating the research and analysis from Resurgence: A Journal Dedicated to the Mission of the Multidisciplinary Research Project. This website is a conduit for an open dialogue between both the academic and community activist. We equally respect grassroots organizers and intellectual, social, and communal activists who seek to provide avenues for dismantling various forms of oppressive and/or discriminatory practices within society. The website serves as an invitation to all who are dedicated to the struggle both historically and contemporarily. Fusing elements of the past with the pressing needs of today through the convergence of multiple disciplines, we commit to informal and formal acts for the promotion of social justice both domestically and internationally.

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